Hello! I am Michael Shamshidov


MiSha Tourismologist

Travel Technologies & Tourism are my passion & lifestyle. They represent my greatest expertise, business reputation and entrepreneurial spirit. This is what I love to share with others

Мой канал "Туризмолог"

Travel Technologies

Empowering tourism projects' growth and scalability by my rich expertise through strategic marketing accompanied by transferring to digital travel solutions. All ideas and hypotheses are to be filtered through lean methodology to work with the strongest and real market-oriented ones only.

Tourism Education

I do believe that higher and professional education is the main contributor of inbound tourism flourishing. I provide courses and workshops aimed to shift listeners' paradigm to creative, innovative and entrepreneurial approach in their daily work and business.

Public Speaking

Proactively speaking in international conferences, moderating and participating in panel discussions, writing articles and provide expert commenting - these all are the messages aimed at creating the right context for development of tourism in Uzbekistan and Central Asian Silk Road.

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A Little Bit About Me

I’m an independent business consultant & trainer with a 19 years expertise in Projecting, Marketing, Business DevelopmentHR Partnership in the TOURISM industry

The four ways in which I offer unique value to others, things I do well and enjoy doing:


  • Training - developing owners' & managers' skills to find best working tactics & strategies

  • Advising - helping tourism & travel related organisations solve their pain points

  • Connecting - underlying ability to move ideas forward by bringing the right people together & great partnerships forming

  • Mentoring -  giving tourism business guidance by being the door-opener, the most connected and caring networker in the industry


My spheres of interest are networking, leadership and social psychology.

I practice aikido and yoga. Enjoy trekking, jazzskiing, gardening and traveling.

My Conteхt

My Family

My Family

Family Matters

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Education, Networking & Travel

Education, Networking & Travel

Traveler’s lifestyle

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Aikido philosophy

Aikido philosophy

It’s all about Physical, Intellectual, Spiritual and Energy

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My Expertise

Apps in use

Experience-proven cloud-based apps I use for an effective distant group work and easier collaboration.


Собственникам, желающим выстроить устойчивое партнерство, делегировать функции и/или масштабировать свою бизнес-модель, я помогаю прояснить цели и разработать стратегию для систематизирования процесса управления и выстраивания эффективных коммуникаций внутри команды и с внешней средой. Мои консультации базируются на 16-летнем опыте построения автоматизированного и основанного на партнерстве бизнеса, навыках стратегического маркетинга и полезных контактах и нетворках в различных сферах. 


For owners wishing to build up an sustainable partnership, delegate functions and/or scale their business model, I help clarify their goals and develop a strategy for systematizing management and building effective communication within the team and with external environment. My consultations are based on 16-years experience in building automated and partnership-based business, strategical marketing skills and also useful networkings for that. 



I’m a product of three managerial schools and below are the skills and practical expertise I share with my partners and coaches.


  • Classical (American) - learnt from corporate trainings and work experience in three multinational corporations

  • Japanese -  since graduation with a mini-MBA from Uzbek-Japanese Centre in 2002, I have used Kaidzen in business and personal life through consistent implementation of 5S, 3Mu, 4+1M, permanent self-improvement and check-lists

  • German - acted as a leading role in introduction of ISO 9001 standardization system with TUV certification in my business in 2008-2011 and participation in an internship on Manager Training Programme in Germany in 2012, put a base for “German thinking” style based on quality standards and process approach

Either working together in a team, we will implement development strategy in a company as a project:

  • Set strategic goals (3-4 balanced KPI)

  • Decompose them to SMARTER sub-goals

  • Synchronize them with corporate values

  • Plan resources


Or preparing  the business to the founder’s exit, sale or acquisition through:

  • Goodwill calculation

  • Detailed handover plan and check-lists

  • Financial settlements

My initial role in the project is to create an cooperative communication environment between partners. It usually starts from facilitation and/or mediation groupwork on MoU's compiling and signing.  


Founders’ relations - the main precondition for effective communications and are a key point of business success & growth. To be able to support it in a long term project, everything should be formulated as:

  • Synchronization of founders’ goals

  • Zones of founders responsibilities

  • Communication standards & channels

  • Cloud apps for shared/ groupwork


Fortunately on my way I have met many outstanding and sophisticated people and some of them are amongst my permanent networking, learning and sharing experiences. I call them mentors, but some of them are also good friends and partners.


Job Experience

I was lucky to start my career in multinational companies and learn the standards by which big business operates. Four years later I had moved to a tourism industry where I have been successfully combining creativity and flexibility that small business usually give with process approach learned from my corporate journey


I’m a construction graduate from Tashkent Irrigation Institute and a mini-MBA from Uzbek-Japan Centre. Alongside with that I’m a self-made product of continuous learning.

Training Program Design

Mentorship on Tourism, 2018

Manager Training Programme, Chemnitz, Germany, 2012

Japanese mini-MBA, 2002

International Marketing: Strategy & Management, 2009

Investment Project Appraisal, 2012

Central Eurasia Leadership Academy, 2013

Project Management, 2002

Development of QMS based on ISO 9001, 2009

Motivational Management, 2016

Renewable Energy as a Catalyst for Regional Development, Israel, 2014

Strategic Communications in Tourism, Georgia, 2007

Management Consulting Essentials

Internal Auditor of QMS based on ISO 9001, 2009

Japanese mini-MBA subjects list, 2002

Analytical Thinking, 2016

Budget Planning & Optimization, 2012

Managerial Decision-making, 2015

Tourism Marketing & Promotional Techniques, Azerbaijan, 2007

HRM. Motivation, 2015

Global Entrepreneurship Week Uzbekistan 2018

Strategic Management, 2012

Strategic Planning, 2015

Economic Development, SME Promotion, Japan, 2008

International Marketing, Spain, 2004

Business Ethics in Tourism, 2004

Advanced HRM, 2013

Japanese Style Management, 2004

My Guest, My Customer, 1999

Conflict Management Skills, 2012

Manager Training Programme, Germany, 2012

Fit for Partnership with Germany, Germany, 2012

Capacity Building, 2007

Managers’ Training Program, Spain, 2004

Individual Management Skills, 2007

Подготовка управленческих кадров, 2012

Get in touch

Based on my own experience amongst the first-time communication channels, the most efficient one get in touch in is WhatsApp / Telegram. Telephone conversations over phone can be decided upon later.